AltlastensanierungRemedial of contaminated sitesSaneamiento lugares contaminados

Remedial of contaminated sites

Regarding the remediation of contaminated sites, the Cornelsen-Group works in the following areas: 

Planning and Construction

The group offers the planning of customized remediation solutions, including  water purification facilities and soil vapour extraction systems. Such plants can be offered and constructed directly based on the detailed planning of the customer or according to our own planning based on the specific requirements of the customer. For international site remediation projects,  we offer mobile system solutions in container designs.

We offer  a wide range of remediation systems as well as water and soil vapour extraction systems, which can be purchased or rented. These include technologies such as:

  • Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE)
  • High Vaccum Extraction for Clayey Soil (HVE)
  • Multi Phase Extraction (MPE)
  •  Air sparging
  • ATEX  Plants
  • Bioventing
  • Biosparging
  • Catalytic oxidation systems (CUTOX)
  • Biofilters
  • Air Activated Carbon
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • Product  recovery system (LNAPL, DNAPL)
  • Granular activated carbon filter (GAC)
  • Stripping Systems
  • Ion exchange
  • Oil separators (OWS)
  • Particle filter (sand filter, cartridge filter, etc)
  • and much more

We are pleased to conceptualize a system tailored to your needs. Contact us!